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Zanino Di Pietro
Zanino Di Pietro

The Georgi Museum is currently exhibiting Italian Panel Paintings from the Medieval and Renaissance Periods, as well as the Georgi Gem and Mineral Collection.  During the month of November, an additional exhibit “Mills on the Kill” will be on display in the Battenkill Room 

Italian Panel Paintings 
“Mello Da Gubbio”
“Mello Da Gubbio” Photo by Tom McMorris

Chris Daly, Johns Hopkins University PhD Candidate, curator of the the Italian Panel Paintings,  has discovered information about the artists related to the Georgi Collection.

The Georgi Museum now can proudly boast having Zanino di Peitro, Neri DiBicci and Mello DaGubbio paintings in our small museum in Shushan, NY.

An image of the “Madonna and Child” by Mello da Gubbio from the Georgi Collection is currently featured in the newly released Catalog “Gubbio al tempo di Giotto: Tesori d’arte nella terra di Oderisi”, featuring 202 color illustrations and essays on art and artists from Gubbio, Italy.  The Georgi Museum in Shushan, NY is mentioned, local photographer, Tom McMorris, provided the beautiful, high-resolution image, and curator Christopher Daly (2017 Georgi Reopening) is recognized.  This catalog is available for purchase at

Item Number: 149210
Title: Gubbio al tempo di GIOTTO : Tesori d’arte nella terra di Oderisi
Author: Benazzi, Giordana ; Elvio Lunghi (et al)
Price: $69.50
ISBN: 9788867781089

Georgi Gem and Mineral Collection
Bill Cotrofeld Waldorf School students
Bill Cotrofeld with the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs, 6th Grade

Bill Cotrofeld, the last original member of the Capital District Mineral Club, curated the exhibit of Gems and Minerals.  Featured objects are mostly South American in origin include a diamond embedded in Kimberlite, Cassiterite, and an Amethyst tunnel over 12” long!  Included are over 25 unique samples that Mr. Cotrofeld describes as “irreplaceable”.

“mills on the kill” – the story of industry on the battenkill 


Coming in November, a new exhibit will be presented in the Battenkill Room.  Through early photographs, drawings, artwork and objects from the material culture, the history of Industry from the mid 19th Century to present will be explored.  This work portrays what was once upon a time the Great American Dream: a place to work, to prosper and raise a family.  This exhibit is curated by Salem’s Deputy Historian, Judy Flagg, research assistant, Sally Brillon, and Elizabeth Cockey, artist and author of “Untold Stories of the Battenkill”.

Opening Reception:  Friday, September 7th, 2018


Mission Statement:  The Georgi Museum studies, conserves, and presents objects and items from the Georgi Collection, in accordance with the intentions of Jessie Georgi as defined in her Last Will and Testament, in order to connect the people of Salem/Shushan NY to education, creativity, knowledge, and ideas.