The Georgi Museum

Mission Statement:  The Georgi Museum studies, conserves, and presents objects and items from the Georgi Collection, in accordance with the intentions of Jessie Georgi as defined in her Last Will and Testament, in order to connect the people of Salem/Shushan NY to education, creativity, knowledge, and ideas.


Zanino Di Pietro
Zanino Di Pietro

The Georgi Museum has been closed for renovations.  During this two year hiatus, much has been accomplished, including the processing of digital images of the collection, an assessment of the Gem and Mineral collection, and the identification of the artists behind some of the Georgi’s Italian Panel Paintings.

October 7, 2017 from 11 am to 1 pm | The Georgi Museum Grand Re-opening 
Italian Panel Paintings and Medieval Period Objects
Mello da Gubbio, also called Mello de Eugubio or Nello da Gubbio, (active 1330– 1360)
Mello da Gubbio, also called Mello de Eugubio or Nello da Gubbio, (active 1330– 1360)

Chris Daly, Johns Hopkins University PhD Candidate, will be curating this exhibit, preparing discussion information about the items and their origin.  Already, Mr. Daly has been instrumental in identifying the Italian Panel Paintings,  and providing information about the artists related to the Georgi Collection.

After circulating the digital images of our Collection, we can proudly boast having Zanino di Peitro, Neri DiBicci and Mello DaGubbio paintings in our small museum in Shushan NY.

Georgi Gem and Mineral Collection






Bill Cotrofeld of the Capital District Mineral Club will be curating a display from the Georgi Collection, and enhancing the exhibit with items from his personal collection.

Featured objects include a diamond embedded in Kimberlite, a large stump of petrified wood, and an Amethyst tunnel over 12” long!

Mr. Cotrofeld is the last remaining Original member of the Capital District Mineral Club.


Art Exhibit in the Community Room, hosted by Elizabeth Cockey, presented in coordination with the Battenkill Conservancy.